Directional Drill

  • Vermeer 36×50


  • 2.5 Tonne Kubota with hydraulic Hammer
  • 4.5 Tonne Kubota with hydraulic Hammer
  • 8 Tonne Kubota with hydraulic Hammer

Small Under Road Borers
Winches, including Jayden 6 tonne with 550 meters of rope with tension gauge
Jayden cable pusher
Skid Steer loader
Trucks of various sizes including crane truck, tip truck, and fully equipped conduit laying and pit truck
MacLauchlan locators with depth indication
Traffic Management signage to Australian and VicRoads standards
Various pieces of equipment for cutting & reinstating paved surfaces
Draw string insertion using snake or air compressor
Cable drum stands
Air Compressors
Polyethylene pipe welder
Water pumps
Polymer & Bentonite mud mixing systems
Earth resistance tester