Drilling and Boring

We specialise in supplying drilling and boring services to the electrical and utilities companies within Victoria. With over 20 years experience in horizontal directional drilling, we have the capability to provide a flexible solution for your underground installation. Under road boring and drilling services come complete with road traffic management services.

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Excavation and Trenching

In areas where services are not likely to be damaged we can use trenching machines for rapid and cost effective conduit installation. Trenching and conduit laying equipment includes excavators of 2.5 tonne and 4.5 tonne with rock breaking hammers.

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Cable Hauling

Our experience includes some of the largest telecommunications and electrical cable installations across Melbourne. Full VESI accreditation means we have the processes in place to fulfil your cabling requirements.

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Pit and Conduit Installation

Our extensive experience with boring, trenching and non destructive digging means we are able to offer a complete turnkey service for conduit, pit and cable installation including optical fibre, communications and power. We install new pits, break out of existing pits, remove excess material and reinstate to council and VicRoads requirements.

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Recent Projects

  • Burnley Rail Bore Project Name: Burnley Rail Bore
    Client: UGL
    Location: Burnley Station
    Works: Directional boring for signal upgrades
    Conduit Length: 30 meters x 7 100mm conduits
  • Broadmeadows South new ZSS Project Name: BMS new exit feeders
    Client: Jemena
    Location: Broadmeadows South
    Substation: BMS
    Works: Installation of conduits for new BMS ZSS